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China-AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law

Release Time: 2016-08-15 11:00

China-AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law


The establishment of the China-AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law was announced in mid April 2015 by the Governmentof China during its hosting the 54th AALCO Annual Session in Beijing.


Fully funded by the Government of China and open to all member States of AACLO, the Program is designed as a long-term facility to support the further progress of AALCO and better fulfillment of the Organization's objectives and missions in the new era, aiming to promote the exchange and dialogue, sharing of good practices, experience and knowledge, enhancing capacity-building in the field of international law among AALCO's member States as well as to support the work and activities of AALCO, through, inter alia, organizing and funding seminars and training courses for officials and practitioners of member States, facilitating research on major international law issues of common interest, and providing support to relevant working groups and expert meetings established by AALCO.


The first-rate international law education and research facilities, universities, institutes and experts in China and abroad, and relevant international organizations are to be engaged as partners.


Carrying forward the everlasting Bandung spirit of "Solidarity, Friendship, Cooperation" and as a part of China's continued contribution to the Asian and African cooperation, the Program serves as a tribute by the Government of China to the 60th anniversary of AALCO, with a view to promoting, in joint efforts with all member States, a new remarkable development of the Organization for the common interest of all.


The 1st/Pilot Training Session of the Program


On a pilot basis, from 13 to 31 July 2015, the first Session of China-AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law  was held at Xiamen Academy of International Law, Xiamen University, one of the most prestigious academies for international law study and research in China.22 legal officers from 14 AALCO member States and AALCO Secretariat attended the session.


The 2nd Training Session


The 2ndtraining session is scheduled from 29 August to18 September 2016 in China University of Political Science and Law located in Beijing. Based on the successful experiment of 1stsession, this 2ndsession will be opened to all AALCO member States and the Secretariat (Each State can recommend one attendee). Courses for this session, to be delivered in English, will be of both academical and practical values as world-renowned legal scholars and practitioners in various field of international law are to be invited as lecturers, covering recent development in international law, international trade and investment law, international negotiation and consultation, etc. The Government of China will provide necessary financial support for the trainees from developing countries and the Secretariat for their participation.